Your Gateway to a
Career in Cyber

In the spirit of lifelong learning, Road2Cyber aims to accompany users throughout their lifetime to raise awareness, build up their career path in cybersecurity and upskill/reskill themselves. To support access to the job market, ECSO and W4C work closely with a community of HR professionals and industry stakeholders to help reduce the gap of experts in cybersecurity and speed up the hiring process in Europe.

The road to cyber is paved by innovation. Road2Cyber empowers job seekers with skills and tools and encourages new ways of learning via hands-on training, cyber ranges and other services from ECSO members.

The road to cyber connects the dots. The platform facilitates recruitment by bridging the gap between education providers and employers, promoting gender diversity, and providing access to the talent pipeline in Europe.


Complete your journey on Road2Cyber with Skillsbeam

A comprehensive and free skills assessment tool where you can assess the skills you have and the skills you can improve in your career path.