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About Road2Cyber

Road2Cyber gathers and enhances different ECSO and W4C initiatives, aiming to seamlessly connect education and the job market, providing a holistic approach to skill development and career advancement. 

From acquiring the skills to getting the job or climbing the ladder, Road2Cyber is dedicated to empowering individuals at every stage of their cybersecurity journey, and while doing so nurturing the cybersecurity field.   We consolidate cybersecurity education, job openings and talent. 

Cybersecurity Jobs

Accelerate Your Career in Cybersecurity: Explore Opportunities

Jobs from Across Europe

With members and partners from all across Europe and beyond, we offer a wide range of geographical job listings

Jobs for All levels

From entry-level to senior positions, our partners offer opportunities for professionals at every stage of their cybersecurity journey.

Technical and Non-Technical

Because cybersecurity requires a diverse range of skills, we provide job listings for both technical and non-technical roles.

Bridging the Workforce Gap

With an estimated gap of over 1,300,000 cybersecurity professionals in Europe and growing, we're committed to bridging this gap through our platform.


European Cyber Companies

Promoting gender balance in the European cybersecurity sector

A pool of talents for the European cybersecurity market


Cybersecurity, a continuous learning

We are all lifelong learners

We offer you a comprehensive offer based on a variety of courses, topics, levels, languages, locations, etc.

Women in cyber

Promoting gender balance in the cybersecurity sector.

Education and skilling

Access education tailor-made for the European market, ensuring effectiveness in advancing your cybersecurity career.


European cybersecurity trainings for all levels of expertise

Education and skilling tailormade for the European market


Cyber security training providers

Powered by ECSO and Women4Cyber

Road2Cyber is build under the tutelage of:

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European Cyber Security Organisation

ECSO was created in 2016 as the contractual counterpart to the European Commission to implement Europe’s unique Public-Private Partnership in Cybersecurity – cPPP (2016-2020). Building upon the success of the cPPP, ECSO is today the unique European cross-sectoral and independent membership organisation for cybersecurity that gathers and represents European public and private cybersecurity stakeholders and fosters their cooperation. Members of ECSO include large companies, SMEs and start-ups, research centres, universities, end-users and operators of essential services, clusters and associations, as well as the local, regional and national public administrations across the European Union Members States and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Women 4 Cyber

Women4Cyber is a non-profit European private foundation that aims to help fill the gender gap of cybersecurity professionals in Europe. Launched in 2019 as an ECSO initiative, our main goal is to encourage and promote the skilling, up-skilling, and re-skilling of girls and women towards cybersecurity education and professions. Some of our other activities include:

  1. The W4C Registry of experts, hosted in the EU Commission Cybersecurity Atlas
  2. Mentorship programmes open to anyone with an interest in cybersecurity
  3. Webinars on career advancement
  4. National Chapters

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With the support of GenTM

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Gen TM

We at the Women4Cyber Foundation are fortunate to have a steadfast ally in GenTM, a global company powering Digital Freedom through its consumer brands, including Norton, Avast, LifeLock, Avira, AVG, ReputationDefender and CCleaner. Gen supports us in fostering inclusivity and empowering women in cybersecurity, fuelling our activities and initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap.