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Master in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense

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About the training

The Master in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence at the University of Luxembourg offers training in different and complementary academic disciplines to ensure a foundational understanding of information security, information security management, and cyber defence operational skills.

It offers:

  • Interdisciplinary theoretical and practical training and education

  • Innovative, foresighted program on cybersecurity and cyber defence

  • Research- and operation-oriented profiles

  • Compliant with the European Cybersecurity Skill Framework

  • Strong connection with cybersecurity organizations for professional development

What you will learn

On completion of the programme, graduates will:

  • have acquired profound and applicable knowledge in information security theory, covering fields such as cryptography, operating systems security, computer networks security, computer security, software cybersecurity, security engineering, and information assurance;

  • have acquired profound and applicable knowledge on methods in threat assessment, data analysis, and management, including but not limited to social research methods, structured analysis techniques, and other formal methods;

  • have acquired knowledge in fields such as digital ethics, dual-use, and research integrity, as well as on relevant professional codes of conduct and best practices, thereby allowing them to assess field-specific challenges from perspectives beyond the purely technical and

  • have acquired the operational skills to master relevant risk assessment and incident management tasks.

Specifically, they will be able to:

  • analyse security threats and vulnerabilities, identifying and containing security breaches;

  • investigate incidents, devise responses, and restore systems to regular operations;

  • assess cybersecurity risks and determine the best actions to mitigate them;

  • define and implement information security management frameworks;

  • understand key dimensions of human psychology in security (social engineering, online deception), allowing them to undertake intelligence analysis, organise user experiments, carry out penetration tests and forensics analyses;

  • integrate historical cyberwar and cyber incidents and attacks in their decision-making;

  • understand and implement field-specific policies and regulations;

  • prepare systems or institutions for cybersecurity audits; 

  • create cybersecurity communication and training elements such as incident data sharing platforms, and cybersecurity and cyber defence training.

Graduates can continue with a PhD in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at the University of Luxembourg.

Training information

The Master in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense (MCYSD) of the University of Luxembourg programme is uniquely positioned to offer students an interdisciplinary set of skills that will prepare them for the rapid growth of the cybersecurity and cyber defence sector over the coming years. Not only will students deepen their technical skills in computer security, but they will also better understand the business and legislative contexts in which these tools must be deployed. The programme is truly unparalleled in the breadth of knowledge it offers.

Graduates will receive a highly interdisciplinary education and will have opportunities to remain in Luxembourg and/or in Europe as experts in cybersecurity and cyber defence. Luxembourg is a major financial centre with ever-increasing needs for highly qualified staff. Employment opportunities in the public sector, local industries, and public research institutes are available to graduates.




Yes (based on specific standards, recognised by national/international organizations)


0€ - 200€


Entry-level (Those with an initial experience or cybersecurity studies)

Teaching Method/s

In person


1+ year








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